Punjab VAT

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1The Punjab VAT Act 2005Act
2Central Sales Tax Act, 1956Act
3The Punjab Excise Act, 1914(Bare Act)Act
4Punjab Tax On Entry Of Goods Into Local Area Act,2000Act
5The Punjab Entertainment Duty Act, 1955Act
6The Punjab Tax on Luxury Tax Act 2009Act
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1The Punjab VAT Rules 2005Rules
2Central SalesTax (Registration & Turnover) Rules, 1957 Rules
3Punjab Tax on Entry of Goods into Local Area Rules, 1999Rules
4The Punjab Entertainment Duty Rules, 1956Rules
5The Punjab Tax on Luxury Tax Rules 2009Rules
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125 Jan 14Notification 25th Jan 2014vat
225 Jan 14Notification dated 25th January, 2014vat
318 Dec 13Notification 18th December, 2013VAT
416 Dec 13Notification 16th December, 2013VAT
525 Nov 13Notification 25th November, 2013VAT
611 Nov 13Notification 11th November , 2013VAT
725 Oct 13Notification 25nd October , 2013VAT
822 Oct 13Notification 22nd October , 2013VAT
916 Oct 13Notification 16th October , 2013 VAT
1004 Oct 13Notification 4th October , 2013 VAT
1101 Oct 13Notification 1st October , 2013VAT
1210 Jul 13Notification 10th July, 2013VAT
1326 Jun 13Notification 26th June, 2013VAT
1420 Jun 13Notification 20th June, 2013VAT
1501 Jun 13Notification June, 2013VAT
1624 May 13Notification 24th May, 2013VAT
1718 Apr 13Notification 18th April, 2013VAT
1816 Apr 13Notification 16th April, 2013VAT
1916 Apr 13Notification 16th April 2013VAT
2009 Apr 13Notification 9th April_3, 2013VAT
2109 Apr 13Notification 9th April_2, 2013VAT
2209 Apr 13Notification 9th April_1, 2013VAT
2322 Mar 13Notification 22th March, 2013VAT
2422 Mar 13Notification 22th March, 2013VAT
2515 Mar 13Notification 15th March, 2013VAT
2606 Mar 13Notification 6th March, 2013VAT
2724 Jan 13Notification 24th January 2013VAT
2815 Jan 13Notification 15th January 2013 VAT
2907 Jan 13Notification 7th January 2013VAT
3024 Dec 12Notification 24th December 2012 VAT
3110 Dec 12Notification 10th December 2012 VAT
3231 Oct 12Notification 31st October 2012 VAT
3304 Oct 12Notification 4th October 2012VAT
3418 Sep 12Notification 18th September 2012 VAT
3512 Sep 12Notification 12th September 2012VAT
3605 Sep 12Notification 5th September 2012VAT
3703 Sep 12Notification 3rd September 2012VAT
3824 Jul 12Notification 24th July, 2012VAT
3930 Mar 12Notification 30th March, 2012VAT
4030 Mar 12Notification 30th March, 2012VAT
4130 Mar 12Notification 30th March, 2012VAT
4224 Mar 12Notification 24th March, 2012VAT
4324 Mar 12CST NotificationsCST
4424 Mar 12Entry Tax NotificationEntry Tax
4524 Mar 12The Punjab Excise NotificationsExcise
4624 Mar 12Notification 24th March, 2012 VAT
4724 Mar 12Notification 24th March, 2012VAT
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